Diversa procedura di voto

Numero 6 ermannov@yahoo.it
Sab 13 Nov 2004 23:13:01 CET

In seguito a tentativi, pare riusciti, di alterare il risultato delle 
votazioni di alcuni NG, ultimo dei quali rec.woodworking.all-ages, il 
"GCN" di oltreoceano ha deciso di provare a cambiare la procedura di 
voto, in un modo che, secondo me, merita un po' di interesse.
Vi posto l'articolo di Allbery, รจ in inglese.

Different from the initial voting procedure, this vote will be conducted
using the per-voter ballot method discussed on news.groups.  This means
that, rather than including the ballot in the CFV, all voters will need 
to mail the address in the CFV to obtain a ballot specific for them, 
fill it out, and return it.

Our hope is that a revote and this voting method may help ameliorate the
problems of the original vote. It may not. If not, we will evaluate the
new result and decide what to do at that point.

But where was the Village, who was Number 6, or indeed Number 2?
The series kept on throwing up questions,
but steadfastly refused to give viewers any answers.

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